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About Bartolini

In Umbria, the cultivation of olive trees has ancient origins, starting on the Etruscan age. It has always been associated with a simple and harmonious lifestyle, that follows the rhythms of nature. It is on the Umbrian hills that in 1850 the history of Frantoio Bartolini started, and the family business has been based on for six generations.

Bartolini started as a small oil mill with animal-drawn machinery, and, over the years, it grew and increased production, while always maintaining the direct control of the production chain of its products. It is thanks to the traceability of that production chain that most Bartolini’s products can boast the “Umbrian” name of origin.

Bartolini’s farm is placed in the breathtaking area of the wildlife reserve of Fiume Nera, in a setting of mountains and ancient woods. That is where Bartolini cultivates the olives, the legumes, the cereals, and, on the higher part, in the woods, they breed cattle in the wild and dig up truffles. Respectful of the environment and sensitive to it, Bartolini is at the forefront of the cultivation of organic products and work so that the agricultural productions are free from chemical treatments. Bartolini's cattle help them do this, providing a natural fertilizer that is useful for their cultivations, allowing them to close the cycle of organic cultivation.

The olive trees and the plantations of legumes and cereals extend over a wide range of foothills. They are cultivated with no special defense measures of productions. Thanks to their position and the favorable weather, the land enjoys optimal conditions to be run according to natural methods.

In this land, which is difficult to cultivate because of its unevenness, Bartolini seeds legumes and cereals. Their processing requires skill, passion and knowledge of the right times, but this devotion rewards us with high-quality products. Bartolini's selection of legumes and cereals offer a range of traditional products, while being careful about nature.

Bartolini's legumes and cereals are immediately cleaned after harvest.


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