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About Bonci

For over 50 years of history, a tradition made of professionalism and artisan research, through a passion handed down from father to son: this is the soul of the Bonci family of Montevarchi. Through respect for ancient flavors and an art learned over the years, the skillful processes developed over decades of experience meet today with new and innovative techniques, with the aim of continuing to create new flavors and aromas. This is how the Bonci team continues, by churning out new combinations, designing and experimenting exclusivity never tasted without forgetting its historical roots.


A close-knit team of master pastry chefs and chocolatiers who work following an ideal that otherwise risks being lost: to offer in each package the fresh scent of quality and the intense taste that characterizes the flavor of each product, prepared with passion and wisdom. Always aiming at the genuineness of the ingredients used, selecting organic products to be expertly assembled according to precious manual techniques that are still destined to pass the baton for a long time.


Bonci pastry chefs in Montevarchi since 1953.
A welcoming valley crossed by the Arno river, practically nestled between Florence, Arezzo and the Sienese, which has always been a transit land for artists and merchants: a place where creations blend with the genuineness of a generous land. It is precisely as a representation of a unique area in the center of Tuscany, the Valdarno - capable at the same time of enhancing its typical characteristics and coexisting identity differences - that Bonci creations are born. Precisely within the city of Montevarchi, the most populous in this area. Starting from the city symbol created by Andrea Della Robbia, graphically reworked as a tribute to an evolving identity like today's times, the Bonci Brothers continue a family tradition, honoring its origins.


A coat of arms kept in the ancient building of the Collegiate Church of San Lorenzo in Montevarchi, the beating heart of the city's destinies, guardian of the baptismal font and the relic of the Holy Milk, dating back to the 15th century: an inevitable tribute to the history of a city, to the traditions of a a territory that has given so much to Italian history, crossed over by inevitable changes. In the same way, the wisdom in the craftsmanship of Bonci pastry looks to the present, creating new recipes, shaping new flavors destined to give surprising encounters between fragrance and taste every day.


Giuseppe Bonci
As we proverbially say it, a tradition is handed down. For this reason, in presenting the Pasticceria Bonci, it is impossible not to dwell on the one who represents the first custodian of a wisdom destined to continue over time for generations, precisely from father to son.


It was 1953 in Montevarchi when Giuseppe Bonci, along with his brother Gino, began to build the solid foundations on which the artisan skills of our company are still based today. The example and legacy of the hard work carried out by "Nonno Beppe" still continues to find satisfaction today, regenerating itself with the continuity and strength necessary to be able to look to the future, innovating. Skills and knowledge accompanied by a fortified experience of three generations to follow - in addition to the right amount of jealously guarded secrets - are at the origin of a tradition that continues to be renewed through the tasty creations proposed.


Bonci products on Medineterranean:

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