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About La Estepeña

When Isabel II reigned in Spain in 1858, the first trains began to roll in the Peninsula and the Royal Theater of Madrid was inaugurated.

In Estepa, Rafael Galvan Gómez opens the doors of a small confectionery workshop and begins a saga of Pastry Masters who make their preparations famous in the region, giving rise through three generations to the current workshop of La Estepeña.

It is in the 19th century, as a consequence of the already typical custom of making mantecados in private homes and in a few confectioneries in Estepa, when this delicious product begins to become popular throughout the region. La Estepeña was founded around this time, in 1858, but it was at the beginning of the century, when Rafael Galván Gómez, back in Estepa after a stay in Seville, where he had worked as a teacher in a famous and prestigious confectionery shop in the capital, takes charge of the small confectionery. Initiator of the saga of pastry chefs, he soon made the quality of his products famous, thanks to his dedication and love for the profession Rafael Galván Gamito, his successor, picks up the tradition, inherits the vocation and extends the market to all Spain.


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