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About Molino Paolo Mariani

It is in the Misa valley, close to Senigallia and specifically in Barbara, where Quinto Mariani established to carry on the business of his ancestors.

In the early 20th century, this tall, handsome and well-meaning man decided to move from Pergola to make his passion for wheat a reason for living. First and foremost, he bought a historic, medieval water-powered stone mill.

The years passed and it is during the Fascist period, a time of hunger and poverty, when Quinto is best known for his good side, helping those who had little or nothing,  by giving the families “permission to keep the returns of the milling”.

Quinto passed on his passion for milling to his three children: Urbano, Giuseppe and Zeno who, from a tender age, were busy collaborating with their father’s activity. Their collaboration became necessary when, in the 1950s, the children, against their father’s wishes (who was concerned about the substantial investment), decided to replace the old stone mill with one of cylinder type, which only in later years was able to run on electricity.

It was a very risky and courageous step, given the times we were living in: the mill was started on the day of Urbano and Lucia’s wedding. Quinto was so satisfied with his efforts that he wanted to mark this moment by getting the happy couple to pose in front of the mill itself.

1973 is the year that sees the peaceful separation of the three brothers who decide to take different paths. Urbano, driven by the same passion of his father, decided to remain in Barbara to continue the art of milling.

The following year, the business passed into Paolo’s hands, Urbano’s son who decides to invest his efforts in building a new technologically advanced and modern mill, succeeding in increasing present day production capacity to up to 100 tones of wheat daily.

Now, in its third generation, the Paolo Mariani Mill has become a landmark in the Marche region, achieving excellent results internationally. Goals achieved thanks to the dedication and commitment with which the Paolo Mariani Group has been able to grow and stay up-to-date over the years: a warning to future generations so that they understand that sacrifice is a value which cannot be ignored if you want to achieve similar results.

The values ​​for the family and traditions, coupled with the extraordinary potential of their land’s wheat, have made ​​this company increasingly strong and more competitive in the market. However, the path to achieving quality is a long one, and does not know any other goal that to give an increasingly attentive and scrupulous consumer a good, genuine and increasingly cutting-edge product.


Paolo Mariani products on Medineterranean:

Manitaly. Type 0 Manitoba Flour

Type 00 Flour for Fresh Pasta and Gnocchi