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About Aceitunas Torremar

Torremar trademark was born more than three decades ago. However, its story goes back to 1896, when their founder, Jerónimo de San Nicolás, started up in the olives world. In the province of Murcia (Spain), he founded the first label with the name of Aceitunas Nicolás. His son, José Nicolás, interested in the prosperous future of the business, learned the secrets of olives traveling around various provinces of Andalucía and Extremadura (Spain) since an early age. Choosing and analyzing the best crops in Spain, after years of effort and sacrifice with his sons, they created the foundations of this promising and interesting olive business.


Due to an early-setting illness, José Nicolás delegates the company to his son Jerónimo Nicolás and founds the Torremar trademark, concentrating the activity in the production, commercialization, and innovation of olives and pickles.

Today, Torremar olives are well-known in the national and international markets thanks to their extraordinary quality.


This company is possible thanks to its customers and its team of workers. Their good will has made them a part of the family. They try to transmit their values and respect to their clients that are the wealth of this business.


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