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Monograno Felicetti Organic Farro Linguine

Monograno Felicetti

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  • Monograno Felicetti
  • Organic Farro Linguine
  • Size: 1.1lb (500g)
  • Ingredients: organic spelt-wheat, flour, and water. Kosher certificate.
  • Product of Italy
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Thanks to their elliptical cross-section, the larger surface, the complex texture, and the genuine, powerful flavor, Linguine are the best friends of a generous cuisine, but can also unveil an unexpected finesse when paired with vegetable sauces.

This wheat has been around since the ancient days of the Celts, Egyptians, and Etruscans. Farro is a soft wheat that, compared with other types of grains, has a higher protein content and is richer in vitamins. There are 250 varieties of spelt. The Felicetti family uses only one specific variety from an exclusive producer in Umbria. During cooking, this pasta releases scents of hazelnuts and cooked eggplant. Its texture is firm and slightly crisp with a flavor that combines hints of peanut butter and red dates.

Recommendations for use: especially delicious with fresh garlic and high-quality olive oil.

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