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Monograno Felicetti Organic Kamut Khorasan Spaghetti

Monograno Felicetti

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  • Monograno Felicetti
  • Organic Kamut Khorasan Spaghetti
  • Size: 1.1lb (500g)
  • Ingredients: organic Kamut® Khorasan wheat semolina, water. Organic and Kosher certified.
  • Product of Italy
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An intriguing blend of the most classic shape and the unique texture of Kamut-Khorasan wheat: these spaghetti are truly versatile and comfortable with all cooking techniques and recipes.

This Khorasan wheat was originated in the Middle East several thousand years ago and is the ancestor of our modern durum wheat. Felicetti's master pasta makers turn it into a premium product that during cooking releases scents of white flowers and freshly peeled fruit. Its flavor combines a hint of pine and macadamia nuts with nuances of edible flowers.

Recommendations for use: especially delicious with fresh garlic and high-quality extra virgin olive oil.


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  • Is this grain gluten free?

    No, it is not gluten-free. Kamut is an ancient variety of wheat.
    You may check our gluten-free pasta collection here

  • Are the Monograno dried pastas (Matt, Farro, Khorasan, Kamut) all made from whole grain flour or has the bran and germ been removed? It's not clear on the ingredients. Thanks.

    The Monograno Felicetti pasta is not whole grain. They are just made with different varieties of grain, instead of the regular wheat. They are all organic and Kosher.

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