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Recipes — Tomatoes

Italian Easter Menu

Posted by Franci Earth on

Would you like to cook something traditional for Easter? Some dishes that you cannot miss on those days are definitely appetizers with eggs, a savoury tart, main courses with cannelloni or paccheri, and a dessert with chocolate. This is my Italian proposal. It is made by taking the traditional recipes as a starting point and adding my personal twist. The products carried by Medineterranean are perfect for blowing your imagination! Here you have three super-easy appetizers, a classical Sicilian pasta, and the most famous dessert from Piedmont. Enjoy them! Appetizers Eggs with saffron, balsamic vinegar, and kale sprouts Canapè with...

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Swordfish with semi-dried tomatoes and olives

Posted by Paloma Barreno on

A healthy summer recipe. It's perfect for a weekday supper. Swordfish is nutrient dense, so it can help you meet your nutrient needs while staying within your calorie limits to promote a healthy body weight. Cooking it with extra virgin olive oil, you may balance its cholesterol content. Yield: 2 servings Time: 20 minutes Ingredients: - 2 swordfish fillets - 4oz semi-dried tomatoes in EVOO - 5oz lettuce - 1 oz pitted Manzanilla olives (or capers) - 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Lemon Zest - 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Oregano - Parsley -...

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